Abrams M1A2 2.4GHz RTR 1:24 - Yellow

Abrams M1A2 2.4GHz RTR 1:24 - Yellow

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The new model of a remotely controlled tank, a replica of the Abrams M1A2 tank. Presented M1A2 Abrams was made of high-quality plastics with great attention to the smallest details. It is characterized by its ability to rotate the turret by 300° and adjust the position of the barrel. Extremely durable tracks make the presented model perform well in difficult conditions. In addition, the Abrams M1A2 emits realistic sounds, moves the gun from side to side and shines with bright lights.

Equipped with the unique battle function, the tank allows you to duel with other tanks working at different frequencies. In each tank, four LED diodes were built-in which imitates the HP gauge. After each hit, one light goes out and when all four lights fade away, the tank automatically turns off.

The tank is ready to ride just after unboxing. All you need to do is to charge the battery and insert 2x AA batteries, which you can also purchase from our store, into the remote controller. 

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