Trumpeter 1:16 Russian T34/85 2.4GHz RTR

Trumpeter 1:16 Russian T34/85 2.4GHz RTR

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 The Trumpeter Russian T-34/85 is a fantastic tank, which has a built-in combat system. The system works on the basis of sending and receiving infrared signals between fighting tanks, e.g. during a battle with the German Tiger I tank.

The tank has a set of fantastic functionalities, such as realistic engine sounds, lighting, recoil simulation and a sound of firing. After a hit, a sound of the explosion also will be heard. After 6 subsequent hits, the tank will shake and flash with lights. After that it will produce a particular sound, and 'explode'. The defeated tank is eliminated from the game. About 30 seconds later, the tank will start again, ready for another duel.

The presented model is a tank of RTR type - ready to run (and fight) right after taking it out of the box. All you need is 8 batteries for both the transmitter and the tank (sixteen in total).

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