Tiger RTR 1:72 mini-tank 27-49MHz - Blue

Tiger RTR 1:72 mini-tank 27-49MHz - Blue

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The model made in the 1:72 scale is rather small nevertheless, care has been taken to ensure that details were made with great precision. Tiger's body is made of ABS material to faithfully reproduce the appearance of the original. Are you looking for a tank made with a great military taste? If so, the new model of the Tiger tank, made with extreme precision, is just for you!

The model is characterized by its speed, it can accelerate up to 5 km/h and can switch between two levels of speed, slow and fast. The presented tank could be controlled in various directions such as forward, backward, turn left or right. What is more, the user can also control the rotation of the tank turret and tank barrel positioning. The turret can rotate in 360 degrees and the tank barrel moves up and down.


The model is controlled via the remote controller which is very easy to use. All you need to do is to purchase 4x AA batteries, which you can do in our shop, to the remote controller.

Equipped with the LED lights and sound effects (e.g. emits the shot sounds) will provide great enjoyment for the youngest modelling enthusiasts! 

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