Gosund P1 išmanus prailgintuvas

Gosund P1 išmanus prailgintuvas

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Smart power strip

The Gosund power strip consists of 3 USB sockets with 15W (5V, 3A) output power and 3 standard sockets, all inputs are integrated overvoltage protection. The 15W power allows quick charging of smartphones, tablets and other devices. The strip has a switch, but it can also be controlled by a smartphone application. This allows you to switch on and off individual sockets or all at once when the need arises. The device supports only the 2.4G band so before buying it you should make sure that the router in your possession supports a given frequency.


Smart schedules

The application allows to create intelligent schedules. This gives you many possibilities to control your own home. You can turn on and off lamps, fans and other devices, while the smart timer allows you to turn off devices after a specified time. Each socket can be individually controlled. You can also create a group of devices that you will control at once.

Additional safeguards

The intelligent strip protects the devices connected to it from overvoltage. Its one and a half meter long cable is made of fire resistant material V0 and ensures safe use.






Model P1
Plug Europejski
Dimensions 33x11x4,5
Voltage 230V
Max. current
Max. power
3680 W
Communication WiFi  (2,4 GHz)
Metering accuracy
0.1 kWh
Smart Life (Tuya App)
Security mode



Contents of the set

1x Smart power strip Gosund P1


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