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Set of two 1:24 T-90 RTR tanks Padidinti

Set of two 1:24 T-90 RTR tanks


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A new remotely controlled tank model, perfect for the youngest modellers!
Thanks to very easy operating, the tank is suitable for kids from 6 years of age. The tank will definitely bring a lot of fun and glee to little fans of remotely controlled models.
The model has many interesting functions. The tank being available in two frequencies – 27MHz and 40MHz, you can organize battles. The installed damaged indicator will inform you about your machine's condition. If you get shot three times by your opponent, you will loose the ability to move the tank backwards.

The turret's turning in 300 degress and the barrel moving vertically will allow you to reach an opponent everywhere. Furthermore, the tanks is equipped with demo programs showing its battle capabilities, whereas lights and sound effects make it even more attractive in the youngest modellers eyes.

The presented tank is a RC RTR model, it means it's ready to use right after taking it out from the box. The set includes anything you may need: two 1:24 tanks in different colours, two radio transmitters working on different frequencies, two 9V batteries for the radio transmitters, two 4,8V NiCd 700mAh accumulators, 7,2V 250mAh charger and user manual. The included charger can fully charge the accumulator in just 3 hours.


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Set of two 1:24 T-90 RTR tanks

Set of two 1:24 T-90 RTR tanks