Sword Mega DS 2.4GHz Nitro Padidinti

Sword Mega DS 2.4GHz Nitro


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 Sword Mega Nitro Car 2.4GHz is the newest RC car from VRX Racing stable. Blade DS is its equivalent. DS, Double Speed, informs about 2-degree gear ratio and equals N2. 

Univeral truggy construction, failure-free nitro engine, MEGA wheels 130 x 65mm, and high quality are main advantages of new Sword.

It has this one thing. It is based on racing VRX-1 in the scale of 1:8. It maintains its dynamic body and driving qualities. It is easy to steer and use even for the beginners.

Truggy construction allows you to reach high speeds and off-road driving. Wide wheels spread and big aluminum shock absorbers are filled with special oil that guarantees stability at turnings, and appropriate track gauge and 4WD let you get crazy where other cars cannot ride. Nitro GO engine will guarantee problem-free ignition and flawless working.


VRX uses slide clutches. It prevents excessive straining of mechanical elements and engine, so the lifespan of the model is higher than other producers' cars. The cars have bearings, so the rolling resistance is lowered. 

The model is equipped with metal sprocket wheels of drive transition and metal sprockets of differential gears. Plastic elements are made from more elastic materials, so they are less prone to cracking. It has a special waterproof module! It has resistant, metal floorboard. 

The cars are gladly chosen by both advanced modelers and the beginners. 

To start the play, do not forget to buy the necessary accessories, i.e. nitro Rapicon fuel, the bottle for refueling, the clip for spark plug ignition, the wrench for spark plugs and wheels, batteries. It is worth to buy preparation for the conservation of the engine, extra spark plug, filter of petrol, and IR thermometer.


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Sword Mega DS 2.4GHz Nitro

Sword Mega DS 2.4GHz Nitro