Li-Po parallel charging board 2-6S T-deans


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Li-Po parallel charging board 2-6S T-deans



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Li-Po parallel charging board 2-6S T-deans

Parallel charging adapter Lipo battery charging board charger T plug Parallel charging board Charger converter for parallel 1 to 6 groups battery

Can be used with the common string punch (such as IMAX B8) or independent punch (such as UN A6) of the charger on the 6 groups of the same type, the same number of sections 2-6S battery pack parallel balanced charge,can support 6 groups 2S, Or 6 groups of 3S, or 6 groups of 4S, or 6 groups of 5S, or 6 groups of 6S parallel balanced charge in the same time.

1. Balanced output wire with 20AWG multi-strand silicone wire.
2. The main output line with 14AWG multi-strand high-quality silicone line.
3. Equipped with safety protection T plug silicone cap.
4. Use high quality AMASS output plug.
5. Thicker PCB copper foil, allowing safe charging current through 30 ampere.

Suitable for parallel 1 to 6 groups battery (including LiPo, LiFe, Lion) and can balance

1. comes with short-circuit protection
2. Support 3 sets parallel charge board combination use (for the 18 groups of the same nature of the battery charging in the same time)
3.20Z of the ultra-thick copper Po sustainable flow 80A
4. It can avoid a single battery over-charging, which can improve the balance efficiency, the later stage of the balanced charge cycle is greatly reduced
5. Charging time is only a single battery charging time, which can save the charging time.
6. To avoid duplication of the trouble to replace the battery.

Steps for usage:
1. Connect both ends of the balanced cable to the balanced terminals of the balanced charger and the balanced charging board.
2. Connect the power supply terminal of the balanced charging board to the output terminal of the balance charger
3. Connect the battery to the battery. First, insert the balance head, and then connected to the battery output.

Set the charging voltage (a single battery is the same) and the current and current settings are as follows:
  I = i1 + i2 + i3 + ... _in
    I: Total Current
     I: the charge current of every battery
     N: the quantity of barrery
Note: If the maximum output current of your balanced battery is less than the total current "I", set the charger's current to its maximum value.
The maximum current of the balanced charging plate is 80A. Charge the battery voltage must be the same, capacity and discharge rate can be set arbitrarily. After several balances, the voltage will be more balanced and the differential pressure will be smaller.
WARNING: If you only need to charge less than 6 battery packs, place the housing on the T-plug or other plugs you are currently using. This will prevent the accident from happening. When charging, each T plug has electricity.
There are four types of balanced charge boards: JST-XH, THUNDER POWER (TP), HYPERION (HP) and EH (KOkam), depending on your current battery. But we usually use the JST-XH. These four types of charging board function and principle are the same.
If your battery pack is the XT60, JST, etc., you can purchase the type you need to charge the board.
The product can be used for LiPo batteries, LiFe and Li-Ion batteries.


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Li-Po parallel charging board 2-6S T-deans

Li-Po parallel charging board 2-6S T-deans

Li-Po parallel charging board 2-6S T-deans